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With over 12 years experience developing hundreds of applications, we have the technological tools to create exciting applications and web communities that enhance the user experience provided by your business.

iOS Development

Let us help you build your perfect iPhone or iPad application and target the hundreds of millions of mobile users accessing their devices every single day!

Android Development

Our team can convert your existing mobile applications to Google Android or we can help you build a brand new application from the ground up.

Windows Development

Looking to bring your product to the App store in Windows 10? Our team has years of experience in building desktop specific software to reach enterprise customers.

Web Development

We have experience in Full Stack web development. We can help you setup and configure servers, implement databases, and build rich, powerful web applications using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and more…

Marketing Solutions

Fuzzy Future marketing specialists are certified Google Adwords technicians and can help you to build dynamic marketing campaigns designed to drastically increase your customer base while minimizing your expenses.

Support and Maintenance

We specialize in the long term support and maintenance of all our final products. We are more than happy to work with you after the completion of a project to add new features or even to take it in an entirely new direction.

Enterprise Expertise

Fuzzy Future Technologies endeavours to provide quality business solutions that give your company an edge over the competition. Our team is immersed in all the latest technologies which allows us to use the best tool for every job. At Fuzzy Future, we never use cookie cutter products, so your implementation will be built to your requirements and not pigeon holed into an existing, less satisfactory solution.. Here are just some of the many services and technologies available in our toolbox:

Business & Marketing

Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Shopping, Linkshare, Commission Junction, EBay Enterprise, Advertising, Marketing Campaigns, Internet Strategy, Business Consulting

Software Engineering

C/C++/C#, Java/J2EE, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby & Ruby on Rails, .NET, HTML/CSS/XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, WordPress, Drupal, Plone, Joomla

Database Design & System Administration

MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle, Design, Development, Deployment, Backups, Archives, Mod_Rewrite, .htaccess, php.ini customization, Security, Data Logging

Support & Maintenance

Backups, System Administration, Support Ticketing, Bug Tracking, Customer Interfacing, Code cleanup, Documentation, Open Source Preparation, Online Communities, Mailing Lists, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Data Mining & Analysis

Shell Scripting, CRON, Rsync, Content Spiders, CURL, XML Processing, Repetitive Task Automation, REST Webservices, API Libraries

Mobile Development

Android, Google Play, iOS, Objective-C, Java, Swift, App Store, Windows 10, Blackberry, XCode, Android Development Suite

Bioinformatics Processes & Analysis

Systems Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Large Dataset Processing, Sequence Alignments, XML Parsing, BLAST, Graph Theory, Clustering, Statistical Analysis, Open Source Preparation, Cell Biology, Micro Biology, BioStatistics, Protein-Protein Interactions.

E-Commerce & Online Shopping

Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Ebay, Shopping Carts, Online Stores, Google Shopping, Payment Gateways, Google Checkout, ZenCart, Shopify, Amazon

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